Jasemin Ustun is the daughter of Mr.Ustun and Lejla Ustun. Jasemin is a beautiful young girl who lives a modern life. She is very loving and caring. She was engaged to Mehmet but the engagement was broken when he was caught in bed with her best friend. She is the mother of Omer Ustun Baldar. She is currently running an advertising agency YS. Her very close friends are Pelin, Hakan and Lara. Her one and only loved man is Savas, the father of son. Jasemin's elder sister has died after her abortion complications, so her father made Jasemin vow to wait until her marrige. She is always in a big fight with her work partner Dzejda. Her mother is very loving and is protective of Jasemin and her grandson Omer. Now Jasemin, her mother Lejla and Omer are living in the big Baldar house with Savas and his family, including his wife Cicek, whom he can't divorce. Jasemin is now pregnant and expecting a new child. In the season finally we see Javuz talking to Jasemin telling her that he loves her ( Jasemin also know that he is a crazy physco and that he is capable of killing anybody) we see a car coming and starts shooting at Jasemin, Omer and Javuz and Savas is running to save Omer and Jasemin. Javuz is shoot and is on the ground dying and the status of Omer and Jasemin is unknow, whether they are dead or alive. Savas is seen running terrified and yelling "Omer and Jasemin".